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1. Demand Response Implementation in an Optimization Based SCADA Model Under Real-Time Pricing Schemes

2. Optimization-Based Home Energy Management System Under Different Electricity Pricing Schemes

3. Energy Consumption Forecasting using Genetic fuzzy rule-based systems based on MOGUL Learning Methodology

4. Ontology-based Model for Trusted Critical Site Supervision in FUSE-IT

5. Energy Consumption Forecasting based on Hybrid Neural Fuzzy Inference System

6. FUSE-IT: Enhancing Critical Site Supervision with Cross-Domain Key Performance Indicators

7. Wang and Mendel’s Fuzzy Rule Learning Method for Energy Consumption Forecasting considering the Influence of Environmental Temperature

10. Energy Consumption Forecasting using Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems: Thales TRT building case study

11. A Residential Energy Management System with Offline Population-Based Optimization

12. Energy Resource Scheduling with Multiple Iterations for the Validation of Demand Response Aggregation


Book CHP

A. Data Mining for Prosumers Aggregation considering the Self-Generation

B. Smart Grids Data Management: A Case for Cassandra

C. Dynamic Energy Management Method with Demand Response Interaction Applied in an Office Building



1. Multi-Period Observation Clustering for Tariff Definition in a Weekly Basis Remuneration of Demand Response

2. Office building participation in demand response programs supported by intelligent lighting management

3. Methods for Aggregation and Remuneration of Distributed Energy Resources

4. Data-Mining-based filtering to support Solar Forecasting Methodologies



1. FINAL FUSE-IT Presentation Automated GREEDi

2. Aria Jozi SSCI 2017



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